To log in to GroupWise WebAccess

Fill in the following information:

User Name: Enter your full name (first and last) or your GroupWise® user ID. The name is not case-sensitive; for example, Margaret Valdez is the same as margaret valdez. If you use your full name, enter it exactly as the GroupWise system administrator entered it when creating your GroupWise account; for example, if the administrator entered Margaret Valdez, you could not use Margaret E. Valdez.

Password: GroupWise WebAccess requires you to enter a password. Depending on how your GroupWise system administrator has configured access to your post office, this might be your GroupWise Mailbox password or your Novell® eDirectory™ password. The password is case-sensitive.

If you don't know your full name, user ID, or password, contact your GroupWise system administrator. Or, if you have access to the Windows* version of the GroupWise client, you can use it to find out your full name or user ID. You can also use it to set your Mailbox password if you don't have one.

A trademark symbol (®, ™, etc.) denotes a Novell trademark. An asterisk (*) denotes a third-party trademark. For more information, see Legal Notices.